Digium Asterisk SCF promises better support for multi-channel audio, so don’t get wrapped up on the “wideband” and “ultrawideband”

Digium’s shiny new Asterisk SCF – Scalable Communications Framework – is promising more-better support for “multichannel-wideband and ultra-wideband audio.”   But if you drop the “wideband” and “ultrawideband” words out of the press release, it’s the multi-channel that really matters.

Stock Asterisk 1.8 already supports G.722 and various other wideband codecs, but vanilla Asterisk doesn’t do stereo audio well, or any sort of process that requires managing multiple bits of anything, such as video.  

Asterisk SCF, release a couple of weeks ago at Astricon 2010, is a toolkit/framework for open source communications developers to support everything that Asterisk isn’t good at – specifically, availability, scalability, extensibility, fault-tolerance and performance. 

Supporting stereo audio and telepresence-style whole-room audio “will be fairly straightforward for Asterisk SCF,” said Digium chief software architect – or whatever they’re calling him this week – Kevin Fleming. 

Fleming also indicated that HD voice/codec support “will likely be extended” to support SILK, CELT “and whatever else comes out of the IETF CODEC working group. However, it it is unlikely Asterisk 1.x will be extended to support multi-channel audio, since that would require some rather significant re-architecture work.”

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