CSR launches yet another Bluetooth and HD voice chipset–this time with Wi-Fi Direct

CSR (www.csr.com) has announced the CSR9100, a “connectivity platform” that supports Wi-Fi Direct as well as Bluetooth and HD voice.

Wi-Fi Direct, a standard created by the Wi-Fi Alliance, enables two modes of operation for phones and other devices.  You can get a mobile hot-spot function to share a 3G or 4G broadband connection along with a direct point-to-point connection with another Wi-Fi device for printing, data sync-ing, and sharing content without the need for an access point our router. Connections are protected by WPA2 security and include QoS security mechanisms; there’s also a “power save” feature to improve battery life.

CSR9100’s core is the CSR Synergy for Android (SfA) software, a complete plug-and-play connectivity package for Android that includes support for Bluetooth 3.0, FM, Wi-Fi, and GPS. SfA fully supports all of the latest Android releases, including 2.2.

The CSR9011 connectivity package is already in “design-in” state with a number of its customers, with products expected on the market in 2011 – hopefully being demo’ed at CES 2011.

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