GmSA report puts number of mobile HD voice networks at 10 (but misses Austria)

The Global mobile Supplier Association – GSA for short, which will cause some confusion with anyone doing business with the U.S. government – yesterday released its”HD Voice: Global Update” report.   The report cites 10 commercial mobile HD Voice networks operational in 9 countries, with service commercially available in Armenia, Belgium, Egypt, France, Moldova, Russia, Spain, and the UK.  Don’t know why, but the Croatia deployment by a subsidiary of Telekom Austria isn’t on the list.

There’s a nice little chart in the report documenting official date-of-service announcement next to the carrier and mobile HD voice handsets supported.   There’s a lot of Orange and Nokia on the list; 7 of the 10 carriers are Orange-labeled or Orange owns a stake in them (Mobistar, Mobinil).    Independents listed are SFR (France), Tata DOCOMO (India) and Megafon (Russia). 

Most significantly, there have been seven (7) new announcements since September 1, 2010, including all the new independents and SFR offering competition in France.

A smaller table lists four mobile HD voice network that are expected to be turned up in the near future.  Orange Luxembourg/Mobistar should be up by the end of the year while Orange Switzerland is targeting a Q1 2011 launch.  3UK is listed as currently trialing HD voice.

The big surprise on the list is Telstra for a 2010 turn up.  Telstra has been running broadband HD voice (G.722) for quite a while, but there had been little previously to suggest it was going to light up mobile HD voice so soon.

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