France Telecom asserts leadership with mobile HD voice; Dominican Republic in 2011

France Telecom ( is counting up its mobile HD voice deployments, along with listing all the compatible mobile HD voice handsets it has in stock and letting slip where it expects to deploy service in the near future.

As already noted by HD Voice News in several forums, Orange Mobile HD Voice is now available in 7 countries:  Moldova, France, Armenia, the United Kingdom, Spain (Catalonia region), Belgium and Egypt (Cairo). 

New news on the handset front: Orange officially announces (in some cases re-announces) mobile HD voice support for the Nokia N8 and E5, Samsung Omnia 7 and B7350, the LG-A310 and the HTC Desire HD.  Previously, Orange had the Nokia 5230 and E72, along with the Sony-Ericsson Quiksilver and Elm models. Compatible models can now be identified via a “HD voice” logo in the Orange catalog.

In 2011, Orange expects to add Switzerland, Egypt “Nationwide", Luxembourg (a pushback from 2010) and the Dominican Republic, among other locations.

Hello! The Dominican Republic! Hello! 

A deployment in the Dominican Republic would be the first in the Carribean and Americas.  It would also suggest/imply that other French territories in the Americas might see HD voice in the near future, such as French Guyana.

Orange would also like people to know–

96 percent of the customers who have tested the services are satisfied with HD Voice calls

86 percent of testers say having HD would be a “selection criteria” when purchasing a mobile phone in the future

76 percent of testers would be prepared to “change mobiles” (i.e. buy a new one) to get HD voice service

One might suspect this is a message to mobile handset companies on the promise and potential for new handset sales.

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