Cedar Point adds “Enhanced” HD voice software upgrade for Safari C3 switching system

Cedar Point Technology has announced “Enhanced HD Voice” for its Safari C3 Multimedia Switching System, a software upgrade/drop in.

The software upgrade enables end-to-end HD voice calls between HD voice end-points through the Safari C3.  Cedar Points estimates that less than 20 percent down to as little as 1 percent of calls are actually in HD.  It also looks like – but hard to tell from the press release – the software upgrade also does transcoding between narrowband and HD.

Cedar Pont says it has more than 7.5 million voice lines deployed through a customer base including cable operators, CLECs, wireless operators and universities.

Time to get clarification on what exactly the “Enhanced” HD voice software load does; HD Voice News has emailed and called Cedar Point’s PR rep to provide clearer answers.

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