Cedar Point clarifies, upconverts and ™s better HD voice service delivery

In a conversation today with HD Voice News, Cedar Point Communications (www.cedarpointcom.com) clarified its December 1 announcement about its “Enhanced HD voice” offering.  The software offering includes a variety of pieces for supporting HD voice on the Safari C3, including full IMS and PacketCable 2.0 support along with HD conferencing, CALEA and 911 support – with the most unique part being a spanking new feature called HDUPConversion.

Both a trademarked term and offering, HDUPconversion takes advantage of the DSP computing power in the Safari C3 for media processing and uses a “vocal” model to manipulate a narrowband PSTN or VoIP session, adding in some extra low-band and higher band goodness before being delivered to the HD voice endpoint.

The end-result is “admittedly not as good as high def, but superior” to an unprocessed narrowband call coming into an HD voice endpoint.

Needless to say, HDUPconversion only works with speech – the less distorted, the better.  Speech is predictable, but you can forget about pumping in CD-quality music into a PSTN connecting and having it come out as anything sounding like music on an HD voice endpoint. 

Side note: on Twitter, @truvoip pointed out upconverting isn’t a new  concept to consumer video – think about a DVD player that “upconverts” to “near HD” video quality.

Cedar Point stated that 90 percent of calls currently being processed by a typical cable operator are PSTN on one end and HD voice on the other, while only 1 percent are HD voice to HD voice; the other 9 percent is HD voice on one end and narrowband VoIP as an on-net call (i.e. the end point doesn’t support HD/G.722 or one end doesn’t IP handsets configured properly).

The company believes that HDUPconversion will make HD voice service much more attractive for customers to buy because they will get better incoming speech quality no matter how the call arrives, be it via PSTN, narrowband VoIP, or another HD voice end point.  The subscriber gets significantly improved calls at an HD voice endpoint.

Cedar Point gives credit for HDUPconversion to working with its currently-undisclosed DSP supplier.   The company said a joint announcement with its DSP supplier on the voice processing upconversion technology would be coming “soon,” likely by the end of the year.

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