Nimbuzz for Android “Supports HD voice”–but which codec?

The latest version of Android for Nimbuzz ( supports HD voice, claims the company’s blog. But no details have been provided on which codec or codecs are being supported on Android.

The free Nimbuzz for Android 2.0.2 soft client supports “HD voice call quality” on Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls, according to the company’s press release, and there’s even a cute little “HD” call quality icon and bar graph to indicate that you’re “in” HD.

HD voice calls are made peer-to-peer and will run either over a 3G data or Wi-Fi connection. 

Nimbuzz says it is “working on” rolling HD voice into its PC, Symbian, and iPhone clients for future releases.

Needless to say, this isn’t the first over-the-top client to support HD voice on a mobile handset.  CounterPath’s Android and iPhone Bria clients also support HD and any number of other Android soft clients based on the D2 Technologies mCUE stack are also capable of supporting HD voice with G.722.  Add on a couple of independent open source projects, and there’s a lot of soft clients kicking around that support HD voice.

HD Voice News is awaiting more detail from Nimbuzz as to which codec is being used for its HD voice implementation.

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