CableLabs announces HD Voice interoperability event–11 participants

CableLabs ( announced the results of a recent interoperability testing event focused around HD voice (“wideband High-Definition Voice”, if you prefer).  The standards lab for the cable industry also announced a collaboration agreement with the DECT Forum.

Held on December 6-10 (And where was HD Voice News’s invite?), eleven (11) industry suppliers participated in the event, demonstrating “a high level of interoperability” between CAT-iq handsets and base stations.  A “number” of HD voice calls were successfully made mixing and matching components from different suppliers.

The interop testing specifically worked with DECT CAT-iq 2.0 technology, a part of CableLabs PacketCable HD Voice initiative. Participating vendors were Binatone, BroadSoft, CCT, DSP Group, Lantiq, Panasonic, RTX, Samsung, SMC Networks, Technicolor and VTech.

And if you ever had any doubt that Comcast has an HD voice future, youcan draw your own conclusions from this quote provided in the CableLab’s press release–

            “This interop was great to observe because it was one of the best attended interops held for DECT HD Voice, and it showed tremendous gains being made with this technology,” said Jeff Lewis, Senior Director, Technology Product Development, Broadband Devices, Comcast. “The vendors demonstrated product interoperability between DECT chipsets, base stations, handsets and SIP-based applications of different suppliers including PacketCable™ MTA devices for European and American frequency plans. This level of interoperability is one of the keys to unlock HD Voice delivery. It opens the way for retail availability of new and innovative handsets for HD voice and SMS texting that work on cable right out of the box.”

Features tested included registration, paging, Caller ID display, Call Waiting notifications, barge-in, CODEC negotiation and multi-line applications in numerous vendor combinations.

Interesting tidbits to pull from the announcement include the vendors Samsung, SMC Networks, and VTech.  in particular, VTech makes a whole lot of IP phones which both get white labeled and sold under the VTech brand in Big Box stories.

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