Editorial: Maybe Verizon, cable industry can show off HD voice and CAT-iq to Congress?

On January 11, 2011, the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory (ICAC) will hold its 14th annual Kickoff Reception & Technology Exhibition at the Hart Senate Office Building.

The exhibition “provides Members of Congress and their staff the opportunity to put their hands on the technologies” that are changing lives and influencing policy.

More information on the event can be found at www.netcaucus.org/events/2011/ I am not a sponsor and don’t get money from ICAC, so I’m just throwing out the idea.

My first thought was for the “telecommunications industry” to demonstrate HD voice leadership, but then I realized that inviting France Telecom might be impolitic. :)

However, perhaps Verizon Business (www.verizonbusiness.com) could see its way clear to demonstrate HD voice as applied to enterprise applications – such as multinational voice conferencing – while CableLabs could showcase how it is working with CAT-iq for the cable industry. 

Just a thought…

– Doug

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