CES 2011: Cavium Networks, DSP Group announce teamup for CAT-iq designs

Las Vegas – Cavium Networks (www.caviumnetworks.com) and DSP Group (www.dspg.com) have joined together to develop a “market ready” reference design for a multi-service gateway integrating DECT capabilities and “advanced” VoIP functionality.

The partnership puts together the DECT/CAT-iq Module from DSP Group with Cavium’s ECONA ARM-based processors running D2 Technologies’ (www.d2tech.com) vPort VoIP software.  Specific pieces of the reference design include the Cavium Networks ECONA CNS3XXX family of ARM processors, DSP Group’s DECT/CAT-iq Module and D2 Technologies’ vPort VoIP GW (Gateway) software package.

Cavium Networks is a big SoC shop and the ARM-based ECONA family is designed to be a very affordable (cheap) processor delivering high performance per watt.  ECONA family processors are targeted for use in a range of home and office gateway apps. DSP Group brings CAT-iq to the table and its chipsets are CAT-iq 2.0 and SOUTA (CAT-iq 3.0) compliant.

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