CES 2011-Gigaset announces new HD voice DECT CAT-iq phone, bringing SMB HD voice handset to U.S.

Las Vegas – Gigaset Communications (www.gigaset.com) announced a new HD Voice/DECT phone at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and plans to import a pair of SMB-style desktop phone currently shipping in Europe to the U.S.

Gigaset Product and Marketing Manager Tony Stankus said the new C610A IP incorporates a list of features specifically requested by VoIP bloggers who had worked with the Gigaset A580 IP and S675 IP phones.  The new list of features includes support for 3 parallel active VoIP calls and an active PSTN call, 6 VoIP accounts, three (3) built-in answering machines, SIP URI dialing, the ability to “downgrade”/rollback firmware versions and the ability to save a config file to a PC. 

In addition, the new phone also has support for Facebook and Twitter, is certified as compatible with CAT-iq version 1.0 (i.e. it supports HD voice via DECT and G.722), has an email reader, a color screen, a headset jack on the handset, and room monitoring, alarm clock, and speakerphone capabilities.

Pricing for the C610A IP is expected to be $119 list price with availability in March 2011.

New German imports currently going through FCC testing are the Gigaset DL500A and Gigaset DX800A.  Both versions support up to six DECT handsets, full-duplex quality, Bluetooth syncing/mobile calling and support for Bluetooth handsets.  The higher-end DX800A supports VoIP, ISDN or PSTN, and up to four concurrent calls and three answering machines configured for different numbers. Both models also support contact sync using GigaSet QuickSync software and direct dialing via broadband. 

The DL500A and DX800A are available now in Europe (and at least one was being used by DSP group at CES for demonstrations) and will be available in North and Central America “later in 2011”; model pricing hasn’t been finalized 

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