CES 2011–Comcast CTO dropping the “HD Voice” bomb again

Thanks to Mike Rude at DSP Group for the tip

Comcast (www.comcast.net) EVP and CTO Tony Werner was throwing around “HD voice” again in public, this time at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  

A Comcast representative confirmed that Mr. Werner did mention HD voice in comments made at one of the CES sessions, but would not go any farther to comment on the significance.

Werner previously dropped the “HD voice” phrase in Los Angeles at The Cable Show 2010.  

More recently, Jeff Lewis, Senior Director of Technology Product Development, Broadband Devices for Comcast was quoted as a part of the CableLab’s HD Voice/CAT-iq press release.

Regrettably, efforts to get Comcast to provide further detail about its HD Voice plans have been unsuccessful.  HD Voice News hopes the company will be more forthcoming in Chicago at The 2011 Cable Show.  Pretty please.

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