Editorial: Will Martin Stanford be the viral stimulus to mobile HD voice?

Martin Stanford of Sky News/Tech Talk posted a demo of Orange UK’s mobile HD voice service to YouTube on January 24.  The geeki-rati are going nuts on it.

I’ve already received one email plugging the clip and it keeps on cycling back in to the top in various web page iterations/variations on Google searches for “HD Voice” over the past three days.

Stanford starts off by making a call on his BlackBerry beside a busy highway, er “motorway” in UK-speak. It’s tinny, and you can hear all the cars in the background.

He switches to a Nokia phone with AMR-WB on Orange UK’s network and you can actually listen to him without wanting to throttle him.  His voice is much clearer, and the background noise of the zooming cars is gone.

The video finishes off with a talking head from Orange jabbering about the wonderfulness of the network and Orange’s promo clip of a singer smashing a wineglass over a cellular connection – a stunt I’d like to see Adam and Jamie look at more carefully.

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