ITEXPO East 2011: Are cable companies fully SIP peering? The $250M question

Has the cable industry gone all-SIP when it comes to full-blown SIP peering? One source says “Yes,” and said Comcast and the rest of the cable industry is saving big bucks on termination and per-minute charges.

One of the presenters at the VIP Peering conference said – but HD voice has not be able to confirm – Comcast saved $163 million last year on termination and per-minute charges because it was sending calls directly to other cable carriers; the number was cited from of a recent Comcast SEC filing.

The presenter went on to say if the savings were the same across the cable industry, savings could add up to “a quarter billion dollars.”

Allegedly the top tier MSOs want to keep development quiet because they do not want to open up peering to smaller rural carriers, avoiding a range of management/administrative headaches by bringing in a slew of smaller connections.

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