ITEXPO: The VoIP Users Conference call of February 4

Traveling between ITEXPO in Miami and Washington DC, Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney tried to participate in the weekly VoIP Users Conference (#VUC).  However, the mobile call into the bridge number kept dropping.

The @VUC moderators wanted to hear about the impact of IPv6 and if people were talking about HD Voice.  Here is (More or less) what he tried to say in response to both topics–


“Everyone’s pretty matter-of-fact this week.  Look, anyone who hasn’t started dealing with IPv6 before [last] week is a loser.

People have been talking about the shrinking number of IPv4 numbers for years – I heard it back in 1993 when I was at DIGEX (an Internet service provider). 

Tier 1 providers and major equipment manufacturers have been preparing for this day for a while.  Verizon is on IPv6 internally, the U.S. Department of Defense mandated IPv6 usage a while back, so this shouldn’t be any big surprise to anyone who has been dealing with the issue.

There’s no sense of panic. Tier 1 providers will be running gateways between IPv4 and IPv6 spaces for quite a while and they’re ready for that.  You may see some individual hiccups as service providers switch over equipment or networks, but I don’t think there will be any major outages.

On the equipment and software side, Windows 7 has IPv6 support built in, has had it for a while for example.  The new snom [m9] phone supports IPv6…

IPv4 isn’t going away, but most providers are prepared to work with the transition and two sets of address space.”

HD Voice

“Snom and Grandstream announced new HD voice phones at ITEXPO but yah, a lot of HD voice advocates are in hibernation.  There’s a little burn-out about pushing the technology and nobody’s been listening, so vendors – hardware and service providers — are talking up other features.  HD voice isn’t gone, it’s still on the list, but it’s not the first thing they talk about.

I think you’ll see some pick up in the second half of the year, as the cable industry starts to move on HD voice.  CableLabs has done interop testing for HD voice equipment and will start certifying equipment for the second half of the year. And cable companies want to pick up business customers.”

Question: What about mobile HD voice? Will that finally bring HD voice into use?

“There’s a lot of mobile HD voice rolling out beyond Orange.  SFR, Megafone in Moscow, India… you’ll see more announcements in a couple of weeks out of Mobile World Congress.  But the U.S. is, as usual, lagging.”

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