MWC 2011: Is Verizon demo-ing HD voice LTE calls?

A report from Network World from Barcelona suggests that Verizon Wireless is not only showing off Voice over LTE (VoLTE), but HD voice over LTE.

The GSMA Association is conducting a demonstration with Verizon using LG’s Revolution smart phone and Alcatel-Lucent network gear at Mobile World Congress.  IDG News Service Reporter Mikael Ricknas says the voice quality in the demo “sounds like an improvement” over current mobile networks because the LG smart phone has “an HD voice codec” – one implies support for AMR-WB across the network here.

Verizon Wireless is also involved in a second VoLTE demo using a Samsung smart phone and an Ericsson network – and Ericsson just loves its AMR-WB.

HD Voice News has a call into Verizon Wireless for clarification.

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