MWC 2011: PC Mag confirms Verizon Wireless mobile HD voice LTE demo

Filing from Barcelona, PC Magazine columnist Sascha Segan confirms Verizon Wireless is demonstrating and plans to implement AMR-WB on Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

Verizon’s demo uses the LTE LG Revolution phone with AMR-WB turn-on.  Segan reports Verizon isn’t sure if the first round of 4G phones will use the “new” system or if VoLTE could be applied as a software upgrade.

VoLTE won’t be available as a service until 2012, however.  When it does arrive, it will have AMR-WB and the feature will likely also push Verizon to start more (public) SIP peering with other Tier 1 carriers, so you can make an end-to-end AMR-WB HD voice call between the U.S. and overseas carriers.

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