MWC 2011: Sonus Networks announces new HD voice support

Sonus Networks ( has released a software update adding support for “key” HD voice codecs for its media gateway, network border switch, and PSX products.  One “of the top five mobile operators” in Europe is reportedly trialing Sonus’s new software to support an HD voice service for its mobile customers.

The latest release adds seamless interworking between HD voice codecs and eliminates what the company calls “unnecessary transcoding” by passing HD voice calls through the network.

Sonus claims it “bridges” islands of HD voice users and creates a unified, seamless HD voice service that allows any user to reach any other user on any network in wideband voice.

Codecs supported are G.722 and AMR-WB; basically, what you’d expect if you’re trialing service with “one of the top five mobile operators.”

In addition to passing through HD calls without transcoding, the Sonus solution also “intelligently” re-orders HD voice codecs when setting up SIP sessions to “align” them with the end points of the call – i.e. put the best codec at the top of the SIP stack – and supports sessions that involve a mix of HD and non-HD endpoints, such as conference calls.

Sonus HD Voice is available in Release 8.1.0 for the GSX9000 High-Density Media Gateway and PSX and on Release 2.0 for the NBS5200 Network Border Switch; it can It can be included in new purchases of the company’s aforementioned products.

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