Aastra gets into the desktop video media phone market

NOT From Orlando Florida – Aastra (www.aastra.com) has jumped into the desktop media phone business, launching the BluStar 800i. The new video phone does “true” HD 720p video conferencing at 30 frames per second and “superior” HD sound quality.

Ignoring the video component for a second, the BluStar 8000i has a whopping four (4) voice tracking microphones and three speakers.   It also has Bluetooth interface to transfer data from mobile phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices. There’s also one-touch conferencing, hooks for third-party apps, a biometric fingerprint reader, and voice recognition (!) for commands.

The press release didn’t contain details on availability or suggested list price; good bet it’s not $199.95, however.

HD Voice News is also seeking details on what wideband codecs the new phone supports, since there’s likely more than G.722 under the hood with the amount of voice hardware and processing power available.

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