XO intros HD voice and video service; working with Neutral Tandem for “off-net” calls

At Enterprise Connect in Orlando, XO Communications launched its new Enterprise Cloud Communications service featuring HD voice and video.  It also revealed it is working with Neutral Tandem for exchanging SIP calls with other carriers in the future.

XO Enterprise Cloud Communications puts together local and long distance calling, enterprise-wide HD voice and video, network services and IP phone sets for a CaaS (Communication as a Service) offering with a per-user/seat pricing model.

Benefits being emphasized include the elimination of capital expenditures for PBX infrastructure, the ability to quickly deploy new collaboration and communications technology, managing upgrades and maintenance costs for IP communication typically handled in-house, providing business-grade HD call quality across the enterprise WAN, and the ability to manage the service through a web portal for MACs (Moves, adds and changes).

Customers can choose from Cisco and Polycom IP phones; the Cisco SPA303, 508G, and IP Video phone E20 are being offered along with the Polycom SoundPoint IP 335, IP 450, VVX 1500 media phone, and the IP600 for conference use.

As the press release notes, HD voice calling is only supported between XO’s “on-net” (i.e. connected customer) base with G.722, but the company has “begun limited exploratory technology testing” with Neutral Tandem to exchange HD voice calls with other carriers.   It is also looking at other “ENUM-like” directories under development which can indicate the service capabilities of a phone number, so XO can look at the number.

XO “will need to implement dipping and route-merging capability in our VOIP network which is under consideration for the future,” said a company product manager.

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