More mobile phones shipping HD voice enabled: Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA)

In a report released on March 9, the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) ( declared more handset manufacturers are shipping mobile phones with HD voice activated as default.

Phones listed in the report with AMR-WB (Or W-AMR, as the new marketing-speak term appears) turned on from the factory include Nokia C3, C6, C7, E7, N8 and X3, with the C3 and C3 “recently have been shipping”; Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Xperia Neo, and Experia Pro all ship with HD voice active and all new Sony Ericsson Android phones “are expected to have” HD voice activated as the default.

There’s a separate Powerpoint slide GSA has put up listing/showing 28 different phones that currently officially support HD voice with AMR-WB (W-AMR)

GSA members can log into a web “GAMBoD” (GSA Analysis for Mobile Broadband Devices” to search and check a list of HD-voice enabled HDPA devices.

HD Voice News is flattered to be quoted in the GSA report; GSA’s reports have credited for several pieces of information in the upcoming 2011 HD Voice News report.

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