Editorial–Yes, we’re still here. The 2011 HD Voice Report is finished

You may have noticed less activity on here and practically none on the DougOnIPComm “sister” site.

I’ve been involved with wrapping up the 2011 HD Voice report, editing it, and doing some side work with TMC on space/satellite.

Final editing and tweaking on the 2011 HD Voice Report is taking place now – like, this week.  The 74-or-so-page report will be available electronically exclusively through TMC at a price between $400 and $500.  A release date has not yet been set yet, but I’m hoping by the end of this month.

I would have liked to find a way to offer a single-user copy of the report at a lower cost, but I couldn’t get a clean way to make it work. Hopefully, next year…. 

— Doug

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