XConnect brags about growth, needs to provide context

XConnect (www.xconnect.net) says its’ revenues increased 90 percent in 2010, based upon traffic growth of 153 percent, with a 161 percent increase from 2009 in the number of queries to its ENUM registry from operators looking to do more SIP-y things (i.e. voice, video, text messaging, multimedia).  The release goes on to say the company added 42 new service providers – but how many does it have total?

The company did not publish numbers about total revenue, profitability, total amount of traffic moved in terms of minutes, or total number of queries made to the ENUM registry in the release.

About the only other number cited in the release is that it provides network peering services in 20 countries; XConnect also makes the claim to be “the global leader” in network peering and operating the largest ENUM-based IP peering federation, the Global Alliance.  HD Voice News would welcome specifics as to the total number of members, numbers of end points served, and numbers of minutes and/or transactions made.

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