France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom “technology cooperation”–DT to HD?

Last month France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom announced they would “explore potential areas of cooperation” in various technology fields.  Given the existing working relationship between the two cellular carriers in the UK already,  it is not unreasonable to speculate how far the two may end up going in the future.

FT and DT have agreed to look at equipment standardization, radio access network sharing in Europe, and quality of service for cross-border services, among other areas.  

Since France Telecom is already operating 3G/HSPA+ networks and delivering HD voice, as well as offering HD voice compatible handsets, this would lead to the conclusion that Deutsche Telekom would/is also supporting those standards, or could relatively quickly.  HD Voice News has already come across hard evidence that DT is already running an HD voice capable network in the Netherlands and upgrades in Poland to the ERA brand/network implied that HD voice was on the roadmap for that country as well.

Closer interoperation between the two carriers networks likely also implies SIP peering to enable rich media services – whatever that is this week – along with the ability to freely exchange mobile HD voice calls in AMR-WB.

The only area where DT hasn’t pulled the trigger for mobile HD voice is in actually introducing the service, but the company has to be close to rolling it out sometime this year in one or more territories.

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