HD voice surge in next three years: Verizon, cable companies to lead deployments

Alexandria, VA — (April 7, 2011) — HD voice is expected to grow significantly over the next three years as Tier 1 service providers such as Cincinnati Bell, Comcast, France Telecom, and Verizon offer the technology to business, residential, and wireless customers. Already, seventeen mobile carriers have either operational service or announced plans for HD voice in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

"Anyone involved in telephony who is not tracking HD voice better wake up fast," said Doug Mohney, Editor-in-Chief of HD Voice News. "Verizon Business is going to make HD voice and video announcements in the coming weeks and Verizon Wireless will deliver HD voice in 2012 when they turn on VoLTE. Comcast is a good bet for the first Tier 1 voice provider to deploy residential wideband service if they can get the right CPE out of its suppliers."

The global move to wideband voice is documented in the first report published by HD Voice News in partnership with TMC this week. "HD Voice 2011: Critical Mass" is built on upon two years of accumulated research and dialogue with services providers, network equipment vendors, and OEM suppliers. The report documents a wide ecosystem of products and services delivering HD voice in the real world today. It discusses the trends for the proliferation of HD voice in markets around the world and obstacles that remain for ubiquitous wideband availability.

"The biggest single headache for HD voice — and video for that matter — is the need for Tier 1 SIP peering," said Mohney. "It’s a Layer 8 and 9 problem, money and politics, not technology. We don’t need more stinking technology, we need service providers to wake up and start making arrangements before the FCC and Congress decides to ‘fix things’ themselves. Hopefully the April SIPNOC event (www.sipnoc.org) will start breaking this critical bottleneck."

Key findings of "HD Voice 2011: Critical Mass" include:

  • DECT and CAT-iq 2.0 will play a key role in enabling residential HD voice service.
  • Tier 1 providers are starting to address the need for ubiquitous SIP peering for enabling HD voice and video but Layers 8 and 9 — Money and Politics — continue to be the biggest obstacles.
  • The cable industry has done its homework for wideband deployment. Comcast is expected to be the first large North American service provider to deploy residential HD voice, perhaps starting trials as early as the end of 2011.
  • Verizon is emerging as a key leader for HD voice in the business and wireless arenas.

Available exclusively through TMC’s website, "HD Voice 2011: Critical Mass" can be purchased online for $495.00, with a multisite license available for $2495. The URL for online purchase is http://www.tmcnet.com/voip/ip-communications/. Sales inquiries for this report, including purchase orders and distribution rights for this report, either in whole or in part, should be directed to Frank Coppola at 1-203-852-6800 Ext 131 or via email at fcoppola@tmcnet.com.

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