September 2011 CAT-iq Developers Conference–Call for a cable speaker

The 2nd annual CAT-iq Developers Conference ( will be held on September 20-21, 2011 at the High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  Conference organizers are looking for a speaker from a North American cable company to participate.

The conference will cover–

  • CAT-iq profiles (2.0, 2.1) in depth. On integration with Service Providers infrastructures/services.
  • Open API for CAT-iq
  • OS and user experience
  • Certification and testing of CAT-iq products and the relevance for developers / manufacturers / operators
  • DECT Ultra Low Energy and Home automation, internet of things, M2M, smart devices and smart grid
  • CAT-iq in the enterprise market
  • HD Voice technical and business challenges for Telco/cable operators?
  • Status new CAT-iq profiles (3.0, 4.0) in depth

Proposals for speaking may be entered at

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