ZTE talks HD voice with CDMA2000 testing

From EE Times Asia, ZTE says it has finished CDMA2000 1x IOT testing in partnership with Qualcomm.  A CDMA2000 1x Advanced network will “quadruple voice capacity” while ensuring “excellent HD voice quality,” according to the release.

The announcement would suggest that HD voice might be making its way to CDMA networks at some point.    Testing of the 1X Advance features included EVRC-NW (Enhanced Variable Rate Codec – Narrowband-Wideband) and wireless link advanced verification. 

Network operators “need only to replace their existing 1x channel cards” to move to CDMA2000 1x Advance technology.

In March, Ericsson and Qualcomm announced a successful demo of an HD voice call using EVRC-NW in a lab environment using Ericsson CDMA gear

HD Voice News remains skeptical for near-term prospects of HD voice appearing on CDMA networks, but ZTE’s announcement indicates there is some interest in pushing forward with EVRC-NW.

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