Aussies react over Telstra’s slam of VoIP/HD voice for consumer-grade services

A piece on the Delimiter web site ( entitled “Consumer VoIP not reliable, says Telstra” has stirred up VoIP people down under.

Several Telstra officials were asked if the company would be extending its SME VoIP platform to consumers, joining independent Aussie service providers offering VoIP service. Telstra chief executive David Thodey is quoted as saying, “We are continuing to review bringing the product to market. As we think the product is mature enough, and has enough technical backup, we’ll bring that product to market.” 

In an opinion piece published the following day,  Internode managing director Simon Hackett says Telstra’s real problem with VoIP is that the company’s ADSL network isn’t sufficient to support QoS for VoIP services, hence the reason why the company is now spending $600 million (Australian) on hardware upgrades.

Hackett also notes Telstra small business chief Deena Shiff tries to spin HD voice as “digital voice” – a baffling comment, since VoIP is also digital.  HD Voice News also notes Hackett calls HD voice “HD audio” – a term which this publication has shunned since the gaming and PC hardware communities have a separate marketing-speak definition.

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