Deutsche Telekom getting ready to pull the trigger on HD voice in German

There’s an unsourced short bit today on Wireless Federation saying Deutsche Telekom (DT) “could start” using AMR-WB this year.

According to the piece, a spokesperson for DT says “large parts” of its mobile network will be AMR-WB enabled after an upgrade in the coming months.  A concrete date for a commercial launch of HD voice was not given.

The comments are interesting for two reasons.  T-Mobile already has at least one subsidiary – T-Mobile Netherlands – that is capable of supporting HD voice and its Poland ERA subsidiary is upgrading its network in part to support HD voice. 

Secondly, France Telecom and Deutsche Telecom are cooperating to share RF networks and buying equipment. Since HD voice and AMR-WB are standards on Orange networks, DT has to step up to the plate to support mobile HD voice across its networks.

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