CSR announces yet another Bluetooth chip supporting HD voice

CSR (www.csr.com_ has announce support for the HFP 1.6 Bluetooth profile, which includes support for wideband speech/HD voice.   Its BC6145 part for mono headsets is the first one to support this new hands-free profile.

Needless to say, CSR has cranked out a flurry of Bluetooth HD voice support announcements across multiple products (chip sets) for handset, headset, and automotive-specific applications.  The company plans to qualify the new HFP 1.6 profile across a “broad range” of platforms.

The Bluetooth HFP 1.6 profile in both a cellular device and Bluetooth accessory (handset, speaker) should allow a full extension/experience of HD voice across the Bluetooth wireless connection with support for 16 kHz sound.

CSR’s BC6145 is aimed at single-microphone mono headsets, speakerphones, car-kits and other mass-market wireless audio accessories. The silicon also supports A2DP music streaming, advanced intelligibility enhancements, extended talk time, bi-directional noise reduction and ultra low-power Wind Noise Reduction (WNR).

Expect yet more announcements from CSR qualifying more parts for the Bluetooth HFP 1.6 profile in the future.

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