@Cableshow tweets about HD voice exhibits at The Cable Show 2011

According to the Twitter representative (tweeting? Tweeter?) of The Cable Show (2011.thecableshow.com), Metaswitch Networks and CableNET – the technology showcase area for CableLabs – will both be featuring HD voice.

@Cableshow sent the following tweet in response to a @DougonIPComm message earlier in the day wondering if cable execs would be talking about HD voice at a Tuesday afternoon session at The Cable Show–

@DougonIPComm Depends on our #cable11 speakers & what they want to discuss. @Metaswitch & CableNET will feature HD Voice in their booths

If CableLabs is featuring HD voice in the CableNET area, expect to see CAT-iq 2.0 and SMS text messaging as well.  And HD Voice News will bet a couple of doughnuts that cable execs will be talking more about HD voice at a Tuesday afternoon session entitled “Talk About a Dream: New Directions in Cable Voice.”

Yes, it will be a pink shirt day so you can see HD Voice News coming….

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