The Cable Show 2011/#cable11–Arris says 15 million HD voice capable endpoints deployed

Chicago, IL – Arris has over 15 million HD voice-capable cable endpoints deployed, according to a senior executive for the company.  The catch is that the interface is analog-based.

Arris Senior Vice President Derek Elder said the company had embedded hardware in its line of EMTAs and other devices some time ago to support a 7 kHz analog channel through the RJ-11 port, along with enough processing power to support G.722. 

Supporting HD voice through the analog interface requires a firmware upgrade to the device, along with a “$20 to $30” analog HD voice handset and cabling to plug into the EMTA.

Elder said that there were “15 million” HD voice capable Arris endpoints deployed at cable companies today and the company had demonstrated a proof of concept a few weeks ago in its Atlanta lab, including the firmware upgrade and an HD voice analog phone.

When would the feature be deployed? “Maybe never,” said Elder. Cable companies would have to order the firmware upgrade.

Elder noted the solution was one way to build “critical mass” for HD voice callers, since the Arris equipment was already in place and didn’t require the additional expense of a DECT/CAT-iq base station to be deployed to every household.

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