Verizon, Tata SIP peer/federate

Verizon and Tata have agreed to SIP peer/federate to enable access to the other’s telepresence suites, making the two carriers the first to officially do so.  How the agreement works at the network level is unclear; specifically, does it just apply to telepresence apps or to all SIP traffic.

From a customer perspective, this makes perfect sense.  American and Indian businesses have a lot of joint ventures, so the ability to use the full capabilities of telepresence to conduct virtual meetings is both desirable and necessary to more efficiently conduct business.

Verizon has confirmed SIP peering is in use for telepresence interoperability between Verizon and Tata customers. HD Voice News has requested clarification as to how deeply SIP peering is enabled; specifically, is it limited to telepresence or are all SIP applications – such as HD Voice – enabled?

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