The Cable Show 2011/#cable11–SMC details analog/G.722 HD voice solution for cable boxes

Arris won’t be the only cable box manufacturer offering HD voice via a software upgrade to existing hardware.  SMC Networks offered more details on how the solution is built around the Intel Puma 5 family of chips.

SMC VP of Engineering Pete Quigley said Intel had recently sent out a software update for the Puma 5 that included support for the G.722 wideband codec and enabling the pair of RJ-11 FXS voice ports to pull in up to 7 kHz of analog data – enough to support G.722.  “One customer” in particular– not named, but HD Voice News assumes it is Comcast – had been asking for the software upgrade in order to be able to support HD voice in existing deployed hardware.

Users have one of two options for HD voice.  They can plug in an analog HD voice phone or a DECT base station capable of supporting 7 kHz analog through its RJ-11 port to deliver wideband voice into a cable box 7 kHz wideband RJ-11 for processing by G.722.

Since the Puma 5 chipset was introduced by TI in 2007 to support DOCSIS 3.0, there are a lot of boxes from several manufacturers incorporating the silicon and the various key points/reference designs. Intel bought TI’s cable chipset business last year and is apparently doing firmware updates based upon customer request.

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