3/Three UK kinda-sorta officially announces mobile HD voice

After months of flirting around, Three has finally announced via blog that yes, it supports HD voice.   A company blogger says Three launched HD voice calls onto its network at the end of May, but it appears it took France Telecom announcing over a million HD voice users across its networks for Three to start talking about HD more publicly.

The Three blog says HD is currently available only on 3G networks and “hundreds of thousands of HD calls” have already been made on its network, echoing comments earlier in the week made by a Three marketing executive.

Calls are free –  just like on FT/Orange’s network.  

Three currently supports three handsets, the Nokia C7, E7, and N8.  “Many other phones” will support the technology by the fall, including the Nokia X7 and LG Optimus 3D – again, news repeated earlier by the Three marketing executive.

And, like everyone else, Three says HD voice calls are limited to its network and both parties need to have a phone supporting HD voice on Three’s network. "Cross-operator” calls will be rolled out in the future.   Be interesting to see how that discussion with France Telecom/Orange goes; FT is expected to get peering/exchange agreements set up by 2013. 

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