Acme Packet adds hardware transcoding NIU for Net-NET SBCs

Acme Packet ( has added a hardware transcoding unit to its Net-Net 3820 and 4500 Session Border Control (SBC) Platforms.

The Transcoding Network Interface Unit (NIU), one of two announced today, adds hardware-based transcoding to Acme Packet’s 1RU (1 rack unit) platform family.  The NIU family features onboard QoS monitoring and reporting and four 1 Gbps Ethernet interfaces, beefing up the low to mid-range SBC platforms, adding capabilities formerly limited to higher-end SBC boxes.

Features of the Net-Net 3820/4500 Transcoding NIU include support for up to 7200 transcoded sessions per 1RU system, hardware DSPs that support a “broad range” of codecs and transcoding features, plus a “highly scalable” modular architecture for “pay-as-you-grow” transcoding. There are SFP-compatible 1Gbps Ethernet interfaces for fiber optic or copper networks.

Acme says the combination of the new hardware enables the Net-Net 3820 and 4500 to deliver integrated, high-performance IP-to-IP optimized transcoding that leverages its SBC functionality to include codec management policies, flexible transcoding models, and a dynamic DSP reservation and utilization architecture that efficiently allocates system-wide transcoding resources.

Models and pricing on the new gizmo not provided in the press release.

Since Acme Packet has gear in 90 of the top 100 service providers and 32 of the Fortune 100, you can read between the lines and gather that service providers are asking for HD voice transcoding options.

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