Telstra announced mobile HD voice for Australia Next G Network

Thanks to Andy Abramson of Communicano for the tip/reminder

This morning (well, last night East Coast US time), Telstra announce the “largest HD Voice network in the world” – after all, Australia is a Big Country — as it rolled out mobile HD Voice services across its entire Next G cellular network.

Customers calling between HD voice compatible phones on the network get higher-quality calls at no extra cost – par for the course these days when rolling out HD voice on a mobile network.

A Telstra press release issued this morning (evening) notes that a combination of AMR-WB and noise suppression make calls much clearer, and more effective. Long-time mobile HD voice promoter Ericsson gets props from Telstra in the release as well.

Compatible HD voice handsets include the Nokia 6720, E52, E72, N8-00 and HTC Desire S.  The Sony Ericsson Neo-Xpreia will be launched next month with HD voice.  Telstra expects “a large percentage of new devices” to be launched with HD voice support (i.e., AMR-WB) in the coming year.

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