Nefsis launches next-gen VoIP audio engine for B2B video conferencing

Nefsis ( has announced its software-based VoIP engine with full-duplex, multiparty audio.  As a part of its HD video conferencing cloud, the enhanced VoIP engine enables multiple participants to speak at the same time and offers improved acoustic echo cancellation support for laptops and better noise cancellation for “superior” audio performance during on-line meetings.

When/where full duplex is not available, Nefsis also has automatic half duplex echo cancellation.

The new VoIP engine also handles different latency times among multiple participants and packet delay variations (jitter), improving the quality of multiparty conferences with different connections.

Nefsis’ video conferencing cloud provides all the resources necessary for multipoint HD video mixing; firewall and proxy traversal for desktops; advanced collaboration tools for productive meetings; and network diagnostics for bandwidth, latency and routing testing. Nefsis video and data connections use SSL/TLS encryption for a highly secure online meeting session. 

Digging through the website, Nefsis uses a proprietary audio codec that they claim is wideband and is designed for full-duplex multipoint VoIP conferencing over Internet connections.  No specs provided on the audio range the codec provides.

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