Stats and readership for HD Voice News over the past 2 months

May and June were high-traffic months to, with May 2011 having 4,117 page views; 2,817 unique visitors, and 474 returning visitors. 

June 2011 had 3,590 pages views; 2,512 unique visitors and 473 returning visitors.

The previous three months (February-April 2011) had a rough average of nearly 3,000 page views per month, almost 2,000 unique visitors per month, and at least 352 unique visitors per month.

Visitors to HD Voice News are most specifically interested in VoIP and wideband/HD voice as it is applied to telephony/voice applications.

Last month (June 2011) was pretty kicking for HD voice announcements, with a number of highlights–

  • Orange/France Telecom announcing 1 million mobile users among its networks
  • Three (3) UK belatedly announcing it had turned up HD voice service on its mobile network
  • Comcast trialing a managed hosted business service which will support HD voice and video
  • Telstra announcing mobile HD voice service across Australia
  • Cable set top box manufacturers Arris and SMC announcing support for HD voice in their existing hardware via firmware upgrade for the Intel (formerly TI) Puma 5 chipset to include G.722 support and 7 kHz sampling across the RJ-11 ports.
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