Motorola Mobility has cable CPE HD voice support–that customers are asking for

Motorola is prepared to support HD voice across a variety of cable CPE, and cable customers are asking for HD voice support, according to Chris Kohler, Senior Director of Engineering at Motorola.  

This is the first clear answer HD Voice News has received from Motorola on the subject after a couple of years of asking at trade shows such as CES and The Cable Show, and corrects information previously received from Moto’s PR firm about a month ago.

Specifically, the company’s SBV6220 and SBV6240 DOCSIS 3.0 eMTAs are capable of HD voice and use the Intel Puma-5 chipset.

In addition, there are “many” DOCSIS 2.0 eMTAs and voice gateways that are capable of HD voice and use either the Intel Puma-4 or the Broadcom BCM3368 or BCM3379 chipset.

In all cases, HD voice is defined as support for the G.722 wideband codec.  Customers have to “enable” HD voice via firmware upgrade to the particular CPE.

Kohler said customers are asking for HD voice support.

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