Voxeo rolls out Phono Mobile toolkit for IoS and Android; wideband audio supported.

Voxeo (www.voxeo.com) has expanded its portfolio to include more HD voice support with its Phono Mobile toolkit.  The Phono Mobile extension combines with other Voxeo parts and pieces to add HD voice, IM, and real-time messaging into mobile apps with a couple of lines of code.

Current HD voice codecs supported are G.722 and Speex, with the company “evaluating other codecs,” according to Voxeo spokesperson Dan York.

The toolkit uses Javascript and HTML5 for drop in of voice and video features, with support for SIP support to bridge in regular calls from other SIP clients, Skype users, and regular phones, along with adding SIP to non-phone devices such as generic web browsers and iOS and Android tablets.

According to Voxeo, there are nearly 10,000 developers using the Phono SDK to develop apps.

Phono Mobile works on an IOS or Android phone or tablet using a data connection – either WiFi or 3G.  Apps using Phono Mobile can also connect to Voxeo’s Tropo.com cloud communication service to add other apps, such as speech recognition, text-to-speech, call recording, conferencing, SIP, iNum, and Skype connectiosn.

Licensing for Phono Mobile and the Phono SDK are done under open source, with the source code freely available for further modification.

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