Sybase survey finds IP Exchange (IPX) necessary for mobile operators, opens up HD voice

Mobile operators around the world “consider IP Exchange (IPX) an essential ingredient for next generation wireless services,” according to a study commissioned by Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc.  And they expect IPX service providers to offer VoIP and HD voice.

IPX has multiple benefits, with the main “pluses,” security and manageability.  Operators also like the potential to cut costs by reducing the number of connections required and for the ability to bring over-the-top services “into the fold.”

The majority of operators surveyed – 63.5 percent – plan to deploy IPX over the next one to three years.  More than half of operators surveyed agree IPX networks make it easier to deploy end-to-end IP services, cut costs, guarantee quality and ease the migration to 4G networks.

Operators also expect IPX service providers to offer multimedia services, VoIP, and HD voice, and are most interested in bringing multimedia services into their offerings, followed by social networks and financial services.

Key drivers for IPX deployment include LTE, with many 3G operators committed to started rolling LTE out in two to three years, according to the study.  

Findings were based on an online survey of 353 global operators conducted in May and June 2011 by Questex.

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