Technicolor provides Comcast with Skype TV video “box”

Technicolor is the manufacturer of a “custom-developed” telepresence adaptor for Comcast’s Skype video conferencing solution through TV sets.Interestingly, Technicolor describes it as an adapter for delivering “High-definition videoconferencing (calling)” through TV sets, rather than simply calling it a Skype widget.

The specs of the adapter include an HDMI input and output, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, RF4CE control, external USB and SD card slot, and an integrated external camera and microphone.  Trident provided the silicon and rattles off the attributes of video processing, 3D graphics, and superior graphics in the Technicolor release, so the “adapter” can do more than just Skype it would seem.

It should also be noted that the specifications for Skype on TV include the SILK wideband voice codec, so the solution is, by definition, a HD voice solution.

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