Gigaset shows off analog HD voice firmware support with 610A

Dallas, Texas – Gigaset ( is showing off U.S. support for 7 kHz analog HD voice on its existing hardware. The capability can be added to existing Gigaset HD voice phones via a simple firmware download, but the emphasis will likely be on newer model handsets.

A demonstration at a distributor event in Dallas today used a pair of Gigaset 610A IP  handsets hooked up in a simulated environment, but the phones can just as easily be plugged into an enabled 7 kHz analog port on a cable setup box.  The offering is relatively unique as the 610A already supports HD voice via SIP and G.722, so dropping in support for analog HD voice via firmware fills in a piece of cable’s larger puzzle in deploying wideband.

Gigaset’s Tony Stankus said any current Gigaset IP phone with an Ethernet port also had the FXO hardware to support analog 7 kHz voice, but the company would emphasize the feature on the 610A and new handset.

At The Cable Show 2011, several cable setup box manufacturers indicated MTA products incorporating Intel’s Puma V chipset would be able to support G.722 and 7 kHz analog voice with a firmware upgrade.  Arris and SMC Networks have officially stated they will support the ??? firmware upgrade upon customer demand.   Comcast and Cablevision both have expressed continued interest in deploying a consumer HD voice service, but the ability to enable a large “critical mass” of customers has loomed large.

Arris claimed it had 15 million HD voice capable endpoints deployed with the proper mix of Intel’s chipset and parts able to support 7 kHz audio.

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