Editorial: Two conferences to look at this Fall–CAT-iq and IIT RTC

Two conferences I wish I could go to this fall would be the CAT-iq Developer Conference in the Netherlands on September 20-21, 2011 and the IIT Real Time Conference (RTC) in Chicago in October.

The International CAT-iq Developers Conference 2011 (www.cat-iqconference.com) will be covering the latest CAT-iq profiles (2.0, 2.1) and integration of the tech with service providers.  There will also be a discussion of CAT-iq in the enterprise marketplace, and HD Voice technical and business challenges for telco and cable operators.

NEC Unified Systems and Polycom will be talking about CAT-iq in the enterprise.   SMC Networks will be discussing how it is incorporating DECT into its home gateway solutions.

I’d really like to see the CAT-iq people do an event at CES 2012.  Pretty please?

IIT has been plugging along VoIP conferences for a number of years and now the event has evolved into the “Real-Time Communications Conference and Expo.”  They’re still working up the program, but the initial list of speakers looks interesting.

I won’t be at IIT because I have a previous commitment to Metaswitch Forum, alas.

– Doug

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