DSP Group brags about silicon in Deutsche Telekom HD voice phone

DSP Group has its XpandR® multimedia chipset in a newly released multimedia cordless phone being offered by Deutsche Telekom (DT).  It’s an Android fixed-line “hybrid” smart phone, with both DECT/CAT-iq and Wi-Fi.

The Speedphone 700 has a 3.2 inch touch screen with an “icon-grid” user interface.  The XpandR chip set supports DECT and CAT-iq 2.0 , puls Wi-Fi.  Applications supported includes HD voice, RSS feeds, email notification, SMS reading, and central phonebook access. A DT release on September 1 says the phone also supports a micro USB port for headsets and a slot for a microSD card.  

“Extremely high voice quality” is available for calls “using IP-based Telekom” line, but there’s no details on the technical data sheet here.   Instead, there’s a confusing line “IP-based Deutsche Telekom line (standard and universal possible, then no HD voice.)”

Available in November, the phone is designed to used with DT’s Speedport line of DECT/CAT-iq routers/access points.  Cost of the phone is 149.99 Euros or you can lease it for 4.95 Euros per month for 24 months.

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