Mobile HD voice appears anew in The Netherlands with KPN

Thanks to Gerald List of TransTel Communications for the information

KPN supports AMR-WB in Amsterdam, even thought it may not be officially announced, according to one user who give it a whirl at IBC in the Amsterdam RAI convention center.

The usage test took place at the IBC conference last week, dropping a pair of KPN prepaid SIM cards into a couple of phones supporting AMR-WB.  The KPN network “worked perfectly well” with the wideband codec, according to Gerald List of TransTel Communications.

KPN has not officially announced support for HD voice or AMR-WB at this time but has dealt extensively with VoIP and IP networking through its iBasis subsidiary.  Adding support for AMR-WB shouldn’t be overly difficult for the country’s largest mobile provider.

T-Mobile Netherlands is known to support AMR-WB around The Hague, but the second largest carrier in the country has not yet formally made a statement on HD voice support (i.e., when, where, what service area).

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