Jabra introduces “HD voice ready” to U.S. consumers

Jabra has introduced a new term to U.S. mobile consumers – “HD voice-ready.”  Best Buy’s September 18 Sunday insert flyer promoting the company’s Extreme2 Bluetooth Headset highlighted the feature.

More specifically, the description of the Extreme2 Bluetooth Headset says “Hands-free headset with dual mic noise cancellation and HD voice-ready technology to provide clear audio.”  And it’s available for $59.99 after this weeks’ savings.

The Extreme2 is one of two Bluetooth headsets announced by Jabra last week boasting  active noise cancellation technology, dual-mics, and HD voice.  The Jabra Supreme is the higher-end (more expensive at $99.99 list vs. 79.99 for the Extreme2) model supporting HD voice; it will connect with two 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

Jabra’s marketing-speak has an asterisk beside HD voice, which leads to–

“*  Phone and Network dependent”

This makes sense since the only U.S. company that has currently made the mobile HD voice pledge is Verizon Wireless when it rolls out voice onto its LTE network (VoLTE).  The default codec for VoLTE is AMR-WB.

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