GSA update: Mobile HD voice now launched on 32 networks

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) has issued a new report on HD voice declaring “almost half” of EU member countries have commercially launched mobile HD voice services or are engaged in trials ahead of planned commercial introduction.   In addition, the report notes that “operator investment” (i.e., trials and deployments) extend far beyond Europe, with services now commercially available in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Russia, India, and the Asia Pacific Region.

All total, commercial HD voice services are “launched” on 32 mobile networks in 29 countries, with operators deploying mobile HD voice services both on 2G/GSM networks as well as 3G/HSPA networks. At least 52 HD voice capable phones are now available in the market, with many of the latest products delivered with AMR-WB turned on by default.

HD voice services countries GSA lists in its press release include:

Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Kenya, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Moldova, Poland, Réunion, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, and the UK.

It appears there are at least three (3) new additions HD Voice News hasn’t seen before either in press releases or in GSA reports.  Turkcell in Turkey is listed as having turned on HD voice on January 21, 2011.  Two subsidiaries of Telekom Austria are listed as launching: Mobitel in Bulgaria on June 14, 2011 and “Mobitel” in Slovenia on September 6, 2011; the latter may be

The GSA report puts Telekom Austria into a larger number two slot for mobile HD voice deployments, with deployments declared for at least five countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia), but France Telecom still has the most countries with 14 networks turned up so far.

HD Voice News believes Telekom Austria bears further watching because it has subsidiaries in eight countries. 

In addition, Scandinavian operators may start moving faster, now that TDC  has rolled out HD voice in Denmark; the operator also has subsidiaries in Sweden and Finland.  There’s an irony that the home countries of Ericsson and Nokia don’t have HD voice.

You can find the complete GSA report at; free sign-in is required.

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