HD voice in Slovenia – a correction from GSA

Alan Hadden, President of the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) offers a correction to the post HD Voice News made about the GSA HD voice report on Monday. We apologize for our confusion.

Re your sentence: “Mobitel in Bulgaria on June 14, 2011 and “Mobitel” in Slovenia on September 6, 2011; the latter may be Si.mobile.”


The Bulgarian operator has an extra “l” in its name as per the GSA report – the name is Mobiltel

The GSA report states that the Slovenia operator with HD Voice is Mobitel (not Si.mobil). Mobitel is owned by Telekom Slovenije. I believe that Telekom Austria has commercial HD voice services in 3 markets: Bulgaria (Mobiltel), Vipnet (Croatia) and VIP mobile (Serbia). The 4th network to go live is expected to be A1 in Austria later this month.

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